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About Pleasant Lake

Pleasant Lake spans over 500 acres and is coupled with the town of Annandale, Minnesota. Pleasant Lake’s scenic views and many opportunities for sport and leisure make it an ideal location for all seasons in Minnesota. Whether it’s for bass fishing or paddle boarding, sitting by the lake or skiing across it, Pleasant Lake is the lakefront life worth looking at. 

With a state park that borders both Pleasant Lake and neighboring Clearwater Lake, the area provides recreation and opportunities for year-round and seasonal residents alike. 

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Lakeshore Life

Pleasant Lake’s setting is the starting point for Annandale’s annual Heart of the Lakes Triathlon. The local Heart of the Lakes area is a strong community, with a small town feel that loves the lakes, the outdoors, and the many opportunities to be active and involved.

Fishing on Pleasant Lake

With water clarity increasing steadily through the years, Pleasant Lake has become a source of Northern Pike, Walleye, and Largmouth Bass for local anglers. Those who own a lakefront cottage or property on Pleasant Lake are given access to great fishing year round. When the cold weather comes, the fishing doesn’t stop. Ice fishing on Pleasant Lake produces some of the same great catches that the summer months boast. 


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