The Heart of the Lakes: Your Home Away from Home

The avid fishermen. The family looking for escape. The couple looking to enjoy something quiet. The outdoor enthusiast. Someone looking for a warm, welcoming, active community. People looking for small-town culture and a home a way from home.

The Heart of the Lakes is a home away from home for just about anyone.

Annandale, Minnesota, in the Heart of the Lakes area, boasts some of the most pristine lakefront property in the state. With 26 lakes within a ten-mile radius, surrounded by cottages, cabins, and lake homes, the area gives vacationers and year-round residents everything they need to escape the pace of the city and enjoy the richness of the Minnesota cabin life. 

Outdoor Recreation and Fun in Annandale

The Heart of the Lakes is located less than an hour from the Twin Cities, and yet it is a world away from the metro in nearly every other way. It is a destination for anyone looking to enjoy outdoor adventure any time of the year. Without the traffic, congestion, and noise of the metro, we have outdoor adventure for everyone.

Some of our lakes are quite large and attract visitors from around the country. They give cabin-owners and year-round residents the chance to wakeboard and kayak while giving anglers the chance to reel in trophy muskie and walleye. Some of our lakes are small and offer something more simple and tranquil. From early morning through late into the evening, people on our lakes enjoy an escape from the demands of their lives.

The opportunities don’t stop when boats are docked or when the waters get cold. With miles and miles of trails for ATV’s, snowmobiles, joggers, and cycling or horseback riding, people lose themselves in the discovery of what's around the next bend.

Small Town Life in Annandale

People who experience Annandale’s famous 4th of July Celebration for the first time often feel like they’ve been transported to another era. What seems like something that only takes place in Hollywood scripts or Norman Rockwell paintings comes to life each year on Independence Day in the Heart of the Lakes. Parades, festivals, cook-offs, outdoor music, and so much more...the annual 4th of July celebration is  one example of what it means to be a world away in the Heart of the Lakes.

State parks and outdoor recreation, a top-ranked school district for those choosing to make this haven their home, and a small-town community within an hour of just about anything you could ever need, the Heart of the Lakes area is a home away from home for anyone looking to buy a cabin, vacation property, lakefront cottage, or year-round home.

Cabins for Sale in Annandale, Minnesota

Annandale and its surrounding communities are only an hour from the Twin Cities metro, but they're a world away from the frantic pace and crowded space. At Oak Realty, we are your Seriously Local experts that will help you find your cabin life in the Heart of the Lakes area.

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