This is one of the most often questions asked of real estate professionals from homeowners looking to sell. Based on market activity, many would simply answer…in the spring. It makes sense, right? The trees are budding, grass is turning green, and many sellers are beginning the ever exciting ‘spring cleaning’ routine. While we agree that spring is a good time to sell, we also believe the winter months are an exceptional time to list as well.  

We understand dealing with snow removal, frigid temperatures and getting all bundled up to leave for a showing may not be ideal, but the upside is that the inventory on the market is at an all-time low. So, for the seller, your house has the ability to shine with virtually no competition. 

Along those same lines, the number of buyers does not change much from the busy months of spring to fall. In fact, many prospective buyers are contacting real estate agents to update their criteria for the spring market rush, so they don't miss out on ‘the one’. If we have listings in the winter months for them to look at, we can sometimes get a head start on the purchasing process. This way, they can be into the home when the weather starts to warm up, instead of waiting until then to begin their search.

If it is a lake property, one of the benefits to making the purchase in the winter allows you to get a head start on any tree trimming or cleanup on those mild Minnesota winter days. This will allow you to get the dock in right when the ice is out and take advantage of the entire summer season, instead of closing in June or July and feeling like you only have a few good weeks left to enjoy your new home.

If you are contemplating selling any property, we encourage you to contact our Oak Realty team and allow us to discuss your property, and what makes the most sense for your situation.

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