A couple of years ago one of our fans, Paul Ernst, sent us some fun photos along with an inquiry asking us for the locations of our trucks. We were of course ecstatic and pleased that someone else loved our trucks as much as we do. So we pulled out one of our maps of the area and marked it up for him so he could continue on his journey of finding our trucks. This is where it gets fun...

A few weeks ago, with our map in hand, Paul and a few of his friends set out on a leisurely tour of Wright County to find some of our 'barn fresh' trucks that paint up the countryside. They took some pretty fantastic photos of our trucks and blogged their journey. Take a minute and visit Paul's blog showcasing his photos of our trucks, we hope you enjoy them as much as we did. Visit http://www.unstablerider.com/trucks.html to view all the photos and the full article.

Courtesy of Paul Ernst with Unstable Rider.

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