Working in the Real Estate Industry, I have had the pleasure of assisting people daily with the purchase and sale of their homes, making sure that the process goes smooth and that it is a celebration. Being on the flip side is a much different story and was not what I imagined what the process would be or how it would at all go. It had been 13 years since I had purchased a home, I had a picture in my head of what I wanted, the basics, was preapproved, knew the area I wanted to live, was ready to go, and had a “let’s do this” attitude. With the amenities that I wanted, the home search began, I was receiving emails, looked at a few homes, with patience and at the drop of a hat, we continued to search with limited properties in the area I needed to live. Gary showed me multiple properties that just didn’t fit, which he started pointing out certain things that made me realize that me just wanting to be in a home so badly, wanting to just settle and write an offer, was not the right thing to do. Gary came up with an alternative, so my new plan B of building was my new goal. Awesome! My “let’s do this” attitude was back and I was going for it. The wheels were in motion and the plans were drawn, I was already decorating in my head and I was so excited to have everything that I wanted, and brand new at that. One problem, there was a glitch and the Appraiser changed the property value the day prior to my closing, we reworked the numbers to see if we could make something work and just could not make things fly, I was deflated… Now, not only was Gary my Realtor, he was my counselor, and shoulder to cry on because things didn’t work out how I planned. We were a year into the process, the poor guy had a years’ worth of time into my home search and we were now back to square one and plan C. We looked at a few more homes and Gary was positive and supportive, having my best interest in mind the entire time. We looked at a Bank owned property that was awesome, it had a pool, I was so excited again and wrote an offer and was on pins and needles waiting for an answer. A few days later, I found out that the Bank would not allow me to purchase the home since the company I work for had done work with them in the past and they consider it an affiliation, once again I was deflated and thought I would never find anything. I was ready to give up, tired of searching, convinced I would never find anything, sad I could not move forward and was stuck. Again, not just my Realtor, my friend and counselor, picked me up and assured me that everything was going to be alright and that we will find the home that is meant to be.  About a month later, I received a call from Gary asking if I would like to see a property, it was not on the market yet, I jumped at the chance. The house was perfect, my daughter and I both loved it, it had everything we wanted, we wrote an offer and are now in our, “Home.” I never imagined that the process would have been a year and a half and could have been such a rollercoaster ride; however, knowing that I had Gary in my corner looking out for my best interests, finding the right property to fit our needs, counseling me through the upsets, really made a huge difference. This is one of the biggest purchases that I will ever make and I am glad that I was able to have Gary assist me with the process with the professionalism and knowledge that he has of the market. The word “Home,” means so much more.

-Sarah Dombrovski

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